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We Are Clean Water- 6 bottles- (30 ml each)

$119.94 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price
  • We Are Clean Water is a natural, silver-based, stable, non-toxic, odor- and taste-free liquid, that when used as directed disinfects water. A convenient, pocket-sized 30 ml bottle contains about 600 drops, producing roughly 150 gallons of pure water.


    Most of us use 1 gallon of water a day for drinking and 1 gallon of water a day for cooking. That's 8 gallons a day for a family of four. This 30 ml bottle will serve a family of four with average usage about two weeks. Use We Are Clean Water for hiking, emergencies, and for everyday healthful use at home.


    Made in the USA it has a stable shelf life of five years.

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